rainfallrecord.info v2

v3-Beta Now Available! Hi all, I have updated the site and will be switching it over to the new version in a few weeks. If you would like to try the new version now (click here) , I would really appreciate any requests or feedback. Thank you! rainfallrecord.info@gmail.com

Rainfall Record-Sheet

Free Service

You can create a record sheet on this website for your own rain gauge.

Easy to Use

There is no software to download or install. Simply Sign Up and start entering data.

Enter rainfall measurements directly on this webpage.

Graphs are automatically displayed for your data.

You will get a direct, public URL link to your records for sharing and publishing.

Crowd-Sourcing and Web 2.0

This service aims to assist individuals in the recording, analysis and sharing of personal rainfall data.

At the same time there is the hope of collecting valuable rainfall information from across Australia by means of collaborative and distributed public effort – termed crowd-sourcing

You can view all rainfall record-sheets contributed to rainfallrecord.info.


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